Jim Verburg
A Certain Silence

April 1 - 29, 2017

Zalucky Contemporary is pleased to present Jim Verburg's first solo exhibition in Toronto. Since his departure from photography to a practice firmly rooted in material exploration, Verburg's work has continued to draw critical acclaim. Perpetually inspired by the fleeting and subtle effects of light, the artist employs simple materials (paint, ink, powdered graphite) and a myriad of techniques to render the intangible visible. One such technique, derived from printmaking, involves the deliberate misuse of the "off-roll": relieving the roller of excess ink on a separate surface before transferring it to a block or plate. By applying the roller directly to an intended surface, Verburg literally "unravels" the impressions gathered in the ink through the act of rolling. This process however is not so direct, but rather elaborate as it involves a series of steps, precision when applying additional layers, and the use of specific textures beneath the surface to achieve a desired effect. The results are surprisingly diverse ranging from fully saturated fields of pigment to cascading tonal gradients to subtle geometric shapes that appear to simultaneously expand and contract.

With a palette that is unapologetically monochromatic and using the tools of production to play with perception, the artist presents a series of new tableaus that are atmospheric, seductive and disarmingly serene.

Jim Verburg is a Dutch/Canadian artist who relocated to Toronto after receiving his BFA from Concordia University (Montreal). Notable projects and exhibitions locally include Shape and Light #1, a choreographed work for the Toronto Dance Theatre (2016), More Than Two (Let it Make Itself) at the Power Plant (2013), Where I Lived, What I Lived For at Oakville Galleries (2012). Other group exhibitions include: Primeiro Estudo: Sobre Amor, at Luciana Caravello, Rio de Janeiro (2014), Far Away So Close, at Access Gallery, Vancouver (2014), and Chroma at Inman Gallery, Houston (2015). Solo exhibitions include One and Two at Mois de la Photo, Montreal (2011) (which won the Dazibao Prize), Weights and Measures at Artscape Peterborough (2012), What is Missing / What is Seen, presented by widmertheodoridis (Zurich) at VOLTA NY, New York City (2015), Light Becomes Form, The Horizon Rests Into View at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Houston (2015), and Impermanent Horizon, at Galerie Nicolas Robert, Montreal (2016).

His film For a Relationship won the 2008 Jury Prize for the Best Canadian Short Film a the Insideout Film Festival (Toronto) and was nominated for the Iris Prize (UK). His book O/ Divided/Defined, Weights, Measures, and Emotional Geometry was shortlisted for Best Printed Publication at the Gala des Arts Visual, Montreal (2014). His most recent artist book A New Relationship Between Reflective Sides was launched at MoMA Ps1 at the New York Art Book Fair (2015). Upcoming projects in 2017 include a public art installation for the city of Ottawa, a book project with Fw: Photography based in Amsterdam, and a solo exhibition at Rodman Hall Art Centre, Brock University. His work appears in several private and corporate collections. Verburg is a recent recipient of a 2017 Chalmers Arts Fellowship.

The artist would like to thank Laine Groeneweg for his continued assistance.


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